I'm a Program and Research Lead at Beyond Conflict, a non-profit that conducts cognitive and behavioral science and translates this work into evidence-based interventions to reduce conflict, increase tolerance, and facilitate positive social change. At Beyond Conflict, I create, test, and deploy science-informed interventions to reduce identity-based division. I also lead Beyond Conflict’s scientific research on these topics.​

My extensive experience conducting survey, experimental, longitudinal, field, and cross-cultural research—in combination with my background in political advocacy—prepares me to transform diverse sources of knowledge into testable and scalable solutions for pressing social issues.

I earned my Ph.D. in social psychology from The Pennsylvania State University and completed a  postdoctoral fellowship at The New School for Social Research, where I helped to lead an international program of research studying ethno-religious relations in the U.S., Fiji, and the Middle East. I continue to hold appointments as a Visiting Scholar at The New School for Social Research and as a Research Fellow with ARTIS International. I am a proud graduate of Bates College, where I earned a B.A. in political psychology.

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